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Belvedere Curtain Panel available in 14 colors

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Belvedere Curtain Panel available in 15 colors
List Price: $110.99
Our Price: $66.99


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Header Style*

Belvedere Curtain Panel available in 14 color choices

Belvedere Curtain Panel available in 14 color choices features golden embroidered vines that bloom into plush chenille accented blossoms on a shimmery taffeta faux silk fabric. The rich colors of the fabric combine with the warm gold texture to add character to almost any space. Simple yet classic the Belvedere design is one of our most loved & timeless window treatments. 

The fabric is lightweight and flowing.  For additional fullness, stiffness or light blocking properties please check out our lining and interlining options below.

Sold as a single panel. 

See related products below to order a sample swatch of fabric for your curtains.

See below for complete information about options for your curtain panel.

SoftGold Swatch
Soft Gold

Sea Grass Swatch
Sea Grass

Pumpkin Swatch

Navy Blue Swatch
Navy Blue

Merlot Swatch

Fed Blue Swatch
Federal Blue

Cream Swatch

Copper Swatch

Choc Swatch

Champagne Swatch

Black Swatch

Biscuit Swatch

Ant Gold Swatch
Antique  Gold

Ant Blue Swatch
Antique Blue

Curtain Panel Options

Choose your Size:
Sizes Available: (width is for single curtain panel)
55'' width x 84'' height
55" width x 96" height
55" width x 108" height
55" width x 120" height

Measuring Instructions:
For proper fullness, curtain panels should measure two times the width of the area you are covering. For length, measure from the top of the curtain rod to where you would like the curtains to end. For example, above the floor, slightly touching the floor or puddling on the floor.

Choosing your Header Style:
Rod Pocket (Standard):
Curtain panels are sewn with a standard 3 inch rod pocket top.  This option allows you to shirr onto a conventional curtain rod or use ring clips to attach to top of curtain panel. Please see example images below.

  Rod Pocket Curtain Panel
Standard 3 inch rod pocket
  Rod Pocket Curtain panel w/ring clips
Standard 3 inch rod pocket
using ring clips
  Grommet Top Curtain Panel
Grommet Top
  Back-tabs with rod pocket top curtains
Back-tabs with Rod pocket
How to choose your grommet ring color: 
Coordinate as much as possible with your other curtain hardware.
Back-tabs provide a faux-pleated look for a more tailored design.  3 inch rod pocket also included to shirr onto curtain rod. 

Grommet Header Style:
As an alternate header style, you can upgrade to the grommet top for your curtains.  Grommets are metal rings that are sewn into the same area where a rod pocket would be placed.  You slide the grommet rings over the curtain rod and the fabric is pushed forward, creating a modern, sleek and tailored look for your curtains.

Grommet Options:
Color Selection:

Size: 1 5/8 inches (designed for curtain rods up to 1 3/8" diameter)

Back-tabs with Rod Pocket (2 in 1 option) Header Style:
This upgrade gives you two options to choose from when installing your curtains. Back-tabs are tabs sewn every few inches along the back side of the rod pocket where they cannot be seen.  You slide the curtain rod through these tabs. This pushes the fabric slightly forward in-between each tab, creating a tailored, faux-pleated look for your curtains.  The traditional rod pocket is also sewn into the top of your panel so you are able to have the alternative installation of the curtain panel shirred directly onto the rod for a more gathered, extra-full appearance. 

Lining = Protection + Insulation + Fullness:

Basic Lining:
Basic lining can protect your fabric. Sun exposure to any material (fabric, floors, furniture) may cause fading over time. Lining protects your fabric by providing an additional layer between your curtains and the sun. Another important benefit is that it will give your fabric more fullness, helping them drape better around your window. The basic lining is an 80/20 polyester cotton blend in an off-white color and is sewn directly into the panel.

An additional lining can be added between the fabric and the basic lining. Interlining takes the same benefits of basic lining to the next level. This double lining further protects your fabric for many years to come. Lining and interlining will provide additional insulation properties from light/heat/cold to help save on energy costs. It will also provide extra fullness and light blocking properties to the fabric. This option also gives a true color to the front of the panel, since not as much light is passing through the fabric. The interlining is 100% white cotton and is sewn directly into the panel. In some cases curtains may achieve blackout properties or near blackout properties, depending on the front fabric. Please note that blackout requirements do limit your fabric choice as not all fabrics can achieve this level of light blocking capability. If you do need blackout properties and are unsure if your desired fabric meets this criteria please contact one of our helpful customer service representatives so we can ensure all your needs are met. Please call or email us at customerservice@bestwindowtreatments.com.

Additional Information:
4" bottom hem, 1" double folded side hems
Pattern Repeat V-11.75"  & H-13.25" 
Most panels are sewn in the USA at the time of order.

Care Instructions:
55% Polyester & 45 % Nylon (Faux Silk)
Dry Clean Recommended.

Scarf curtain swag available as a window topper in the following size only:
55'' W x 216'' H (6 yards).  See related products below.

Fabric tie-backs NOT included.
(Please see our wood or metal tie-backs in our
curtain rod hardware section.)

Shipping Timeline:  As most panels are created at the time of order, curtains usually ship within a 14-16 business day time frame. We will do our very Best to communicate any type of delays to your order. Please take advantage of our sample fabric swatch ordering program to color coordinate the fabrics for your home, as computer monitors widely vary on color display.  Ordering swatch samples will also help prevent further delays with exchanges, due to color.  While these curtains are not considered a custom order and may be returned, a return authorization code is required, please request via phone or email for a speedy response.

For expedited shipping, please contact us for stock availability at customerservice@bestwindowtreatments.com. Even for rush orders, at least 5 business days is needed for production.

View our customer service information or shop our window treatments.

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Belvedere Curtain Panel available in 14 color choices
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