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Pinch Pleat 40" Wide Custom Drapery Panel in Group 3 Fabrics

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Pinch Pleat Draperies in Group 3 Fabrics
List Price: $425.00
Our Price: Starting at $369.99


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Custom Pinch Pleat Curtain Panels - group 3 - 40" Wide -You Choose Length!
Made-to-Order: Easy Select Fabrics 

Custom 40" Wide Pinch Pleat Curtain Panels for your luxurious custom window treatments without the custom price tag. Our side panel comes in 2 set widths 20 inches or 40 inches - but you select any length needed.  These set widths allow you to cover your window in luxury, without the high cost of made-to-the-inch drapery panels.  Still custom produced in any fabric or length desired at an unbeliveable price point.  Select from many header styles in related products below or choose these pinch pleated for traditional fullness at it's best.

The Pinch Pleat is the most popular and classic pleat style curtains that we offer. Perfect for the formal and traditional looks, these curtains feature three finger pleats which are pinched to create a fan effect.  We have finally made choosing the right custom window treatment easy. Choose from 100's designer fabrics broken into 5 price groups.Each custom curtain panel comes standard with a light filtering lining in either white or ivory (factory matched to fabric patterns) or upgrade to our Premium or Blackout Lining.
Best of all these gorgeous curtains are sewn in the USA.
For a complete window treatment ensemble any of the fabrics below can be made into any of our 6 complimenting custom shades and 30+ custom top treatments.
** Please see return policy below: these are a custom product and not returnable.
Please email at customerservice@bestwindowtreatments.com we will assign a dedicated specialist to assist you within 24 hours.  

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Steps To Order Custom Window Treatments

  1. ORDER FABRIC SWATCHES (scroll down to related products)
  2. Decide how to mount the treatment ie. inside the window frame or outside the window frame.
  3. Measure the windows (see measuring notes below)
  4. If additional assistance is needed email customerservice@bestwindowtreatments.com and we will assign a window specialist to provide personalized assistance.

Custom Window Treatment

Production Time: 10 - 12 business days
Delivery Time via UPS: 3-5 Standard Days, unless expedited request. Pleated draperies will arrive fan-folded, banded, covered in heavy duty bags and boxed for shipping. For installation, draperies will need to be professionally dressed and steamed to look their best. A professional drapery installer may be found in the yellow pages or on the internet.
Note: It is normal for pleated draperies to be banded by the installer to create even folds in the fabric. These bands may remain on the drapery for up to 3 days. This banding process will train the pleats to fold properly when the drapery is opened or closed.  On a 20" width panel there will be 5 pleats. If ordering loose rings for pleated draperies, add one extra ring to account for the lead pleat

Customization Options:
Privacy or Blackout Liners may be upgraded to increase your privacy while reducing or eliminating light.

Tie Backs can be added to give your drapery the pulled back, off the window look. Tie-backs are 4” tall and long enough to pull back the treatment half the width of the drapery panel. They are flat, fabric wrapped buckram.

Measuring Suggestions:

Outside Mount - Outside mounted treatments will be made to the exact dimensions provided.

Width: Measure the exact width of the window, including any frame. Add a minimum of 4” to each side (8” total overlap) to ensure light control and privacy.

Height: Measure the height of the window from the top edge of the molding to the bottom edge of the molding, sill or floor. Add a minimum of 4” to allow for an adequate mounting area above the window.

Note on Returns - The standard return size for draperies is 3-1/2” for pleated styles and 4” for Side Panels.
Inside Mount - Provide the exact sizes of the opening. The workroom will make all necessary deductions for a perfect fit.

Width: Measure inside the window casing at the top, middle and bottom. Record the narrowest measurement. No deduction will be taken on width.

Height: Measure inside the window casing at the left, center and right. Record the shortest measurement. B&W’s workroom will take a 3/4” deduction on the height
Care and Maintenance

It is recommended Decorative Traverse Rods, Draperies & Side Panels be vacuumed periodically with a brush or drapery hose attachment. Professional cleaning is recommended for all Custom Drapery Panels. A professional drapery cleaner may be found in the yellow pages or on the internet.

Pin settings

The standard pin setting is 1-3/4”down from the top of the drapery.Other pin settings are available upon request at no charge. The pin setting for an under treatmentis 1/2”. When ordering a drapery with a Decorative Traverse Rod the pin setting is 1/8”.



The workroom will make a 1/2” deduction from the height of draperies used as an undertreatment.


Spring back

Pleated Draperies mounted on decorative poles with loose rings may “spring back” slightly from  the closed position. To  prevent this from occurring order the drapery 10% wider than the pole width.


Example: Using a 90” width.10% is 9”. Add this 9” to the drapery width. 90” + 9” = 99”.The rod will remain at 90” wideon the order and the draperyshould be ordered at 99” wide toavoid spring back.


Pleat Counts

Drapery Width             # of Pleats

   20"                                 5 
   24"                                 6
   36"                                10
   40"                                10
   48"                                14
   60"                                18
   72"                                22
   84"                                24
   96"                                28
  108"                               32
  120"                               34
  132"                               38
  144"                               42
  156"                               46
  168"                               50
  180"                               54 

Note: When ordering loose rings for pleated draperies, add one extra ring to the above chart to account for the lead pleat.

Available Pleated Drapery Styles

There are four styles of pleated draperies available:

a. Pinch Pleat    b. Crown Pleat     c. Goblet Pleat    d. Inverted Pleat

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