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How To Install Mini Blinds

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How To Install Mini Blinds


How To Install Mini BlindsInstalling Mini Blinds

Mini blinds are mounted in brackets that have snap-on covers to provide a finished look. They're a mainstream decorating choice for a window treatment because they coordinate with just about any decor. Use them alone or with a fabric valance or cornice board covering the top of the window.

You can mount most mini blinds outside the window frame (on the outer trim of the window), on the wall (so that they cover the window trim), or on the inside of the frame between the window stops. Because you have all these options, most mounting brackets have pre-drilled holes on both the ends and the backs of the mounting brackets. You use only one set of holes, depending on how you mount the mini blinds.

Before you purchase mini blinds, decide whether you want to mount the blind inside or outside the window frame and then measure your windows using a folding wooden measuring rule or wooden measuring stick. Manufacturers have specific directions for measuring on their packaging or brochures, but the general procedure is to measure the width at the top, middle, and bottom of the window and use the smallest dimension for its width. Measure the length of the window to get the correct extension of the blind.

If you order custom blinds, you can indicate the length you want the blinds to be. If you buy blinds off the rack, you have to cut the blind cords to the proper length; usually, you want the bottom edge of the blind to rest on or slightly above the windowsill. Directions for cutting the blind cords for length are included in the mini blind package.

You can install small clips on both sides of the window to act as hold-down brackets to secure the bottom of the blinds so that they don't sway freely. These clips, secured with a small brad or finishing nail, are easy to reach but not noticeable.

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