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Types of Window Treatments

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Types of Window Treatments


Types of Window TreatmentsAre you bored with the same old window treatments? There are exciting new ideas and options for the adventuresome spirit. Combine these types of window treatments with trendy fabrics for a unique affect for any season.

· Cornices

A Cornice is a board, usually covered in fabric, that sits on top of a window. It can be shaped or plain. You can give it a soft feel or a hard feel to it by adding more or less padding under the fabric. You can use a cornice to connect the space at the top of a window to the draperies at the side. A cornice gives a finished look to a window. It can be formal or informal.

· Lambrequins

A lambrequin is basically a cornice with extensions that come down the side of the window. Because of that it covers more of the window frame.

You can use a lambrequin when you have one window in a room, or when I want to make a style statement. Also try it when the view outside is boring and you want the window to be the main focus. This is a great idea for apartments!

· Swags and Jabots

A swag is a piece of fabric draped over a pole that runs across the top of the window. Jabots are the legs that go down the side of the window. They are always attached to the swag. You can use swags and jabots in a formal room. You will need to use more material than in other types of window treatments to create the folds and pleats. “Decadent” describes the feel of this kind of window treatment. Try using textured material.

· Valances

A valance is similar to a cornice in that it covers the top of a window. Use it to cover the tops of shutters, blinds, verticals, or venetian blinds. Valances are usually soft treatments, sometimes shaped for a more casual look. They're very trendy.

Back to the Basics:

Curtains- Drapery panels will decorate your window and your wall - they can be decorative or functional. Energy saving curtains have features like double lining or thick blackout lining to protect your home from hot/cold flucuations coming in via the windows.

Shades - Shades made from fabric are the latest style that is often called the complete window treatment on a budget. You can soften your windows with fabric and have complete privacy from your neighbors.

Blinds - are hard window treatmetns that have slats or louvers and can control light and privacy for your home.

Remember to measure your windows and have the information on hand before heading off to shop, otherwise you’ll find something you love and be faced with the various sizes, realizing you have just wasted a trip. Online shopping offers a myriad of options too!

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