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Window Treatments:

Window Treatments
No matter what sort of window treatment you want to use, we’ve got the supplies for you.

Drapes & Curtains
Drapes & curtains can in a variety of fabrics, textures, and patterns.

Home Window Treatments
Whatever home window treatment you choose can really change the look of your home and event he mood of your home.

Draperies & Curtains
Draperies & curtains are common ways to cover and enhance windows – they are an excellent treatment.

Bathroom Window Treatments
Find bathroom window treatments that look great with your bathroom.

Contemporary Window Treatments
For excellent design in the modern day, these contemporary window treatments are top of the line.

French Door Window Treatments
Our French door window treatments are made with top quality materials, in the elegant designs that look the best this style of door.

Kids Window Treatments
No matter what type of décor you are filling the kids room with, you are sure to find a wonderful product from our kids window treatments!

Bamboo Window Treatments
For the natural beauty of a room, these bamboo window treatments go a long way!

Bedroom Window Treatments
A room gains a whole new character and style with the right bedroom window treatments!

Designer Window Treatments
If you are looking for something unique and definitely in vogue, these designer window treatments are a good answer!

Window Covering Ideas
You are sure to be able to decorate your home in the best way with these top rate window covering ideas!

Cheap Window Treatments
You will love the great deals that we offer on cheap window treatments!

Cornice Window Treatment
Find the cornice window treatment that looks best in each room of your household!

Panel Window Treatment
With a panel window treatment, you will find it easier to open your curtains in the morning, pull each side along the rod, and find decorative ways to hold each curtain panel to the side of the window.

Top Window Treatment
For smaller windows on the front door, or for the top of your window in any room, find a top window treatment from the list below that matches the quality, style and feel of your home.

Wood Window Treatments
If you are looking for great fashion ideas for your windows and interior décor, consider these gorgeous wood window treatments!

Inexpensive Window Treatments
Who says that good household décor has to cost a fortune?

Window Treatment Styles
If you are looking for window treatment styles, we have plenty of ideas!

Bedroom Window Treatment
For the sake of privacy, as well as fashionable interior décor and light control, choose our bedroom window treatment that looks best in your home!

French Door Coverings
Great for privacy and sun light control!

Insulated Window Coverings
Both for your own comfort in the home and energy efficiency, these insulated window coverings will help keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Thermal Window coverings
Cut down on energy loss in your home, by using these cost effective thermal window coverings!

The Best Window Treatments
We know all about the best window treatments for any home, and our products have been chosen according to trusted and experienced manufacturers of the industry.

The Best Window Coverings
If you are looking for the best window coverings that your home can have, these products are what you need!

Kitchen Window Treatments
Sometimes people put all of their home décor effort into their living rooms – they make sure that their living room window treatments are perfect, but then forget about the rest of the house.

Window Treatment Ideas
Window treatment ideas for any window and room.

Bay Window Treatments
Bay window treatments, ideas for style and function.

Fabric Window Treatments
Fabric window treatments, easy to wash and install.

Custom Window Treatments
Custom window treatments, to match your frame perfectly.

Window Top Treatments
Window top treatments, for added dimension, texture and feel to a room.

Arch Window Treatments
While arched frames and other unique shapes are beautiful in a home, it can be hard to find the right arch window treatments to fit the outline.

Kitchen Window Treatment
Find the kitchen window treatment that matches your home décor in the most elegant and fashionable ways.

Bathroom Window Treatments
Find bathroom window treatments that look great with your bathroom.

Contemporary Window Treatments
For excellent design in the modern day, these contemporary window treatments are top of the line.

French Door Window Treatments
Our French door window treatments are made with top quality materials, in the elegant designs that look the best this style of door.

Kids Window Treatments
No matter what type of décor you are filling the kids room with, you are sure to find a wonderful product from our kids window treatments!

Discount Window Treatments
We can give you style and great interior design, at a very low price!

Window Dressings
We offer a variety of window dressings to match your household décor.

Window Treatment Hardware
Whether you are installing new curtains, repairing the blinds, or any other maintenance work on windows, these window treatment hardware items should help you do the job with a professional quality and ease.

Door Window Treatments
Whether you have French doors, sliding glass doors leading to the side or back yard, or have windows covering the length from ceiling to floor, these door window treatments will fit the situation with fashion and taste.


Plaid Curtains
Plaid Curtains are a fashionable choice for your windows!

Designer Curtains
Designer curtains, unique and impressive.

Bay Window Curtain
Bay window curtain, perfectly sized and designed to cover the nook.

Pink Curtains
Pink curtains, a favorite among many!

Brown Curtains
Brown curtains are versatile and look great in many rooms.

Curtains come in many colors, fibers, patterns, and textures.

Window Curtains
Window curtains can dress up a window or dress down a window – whatever you are looking to do.

Swag Curtains
Swag curtains are made from very soft or sheer fabric.

Fabric Curtains
Fabric curtains do not simply hang off of a rod – they flow around your window.

Beaded Curtains
Beaded curtains are wonderful accents to doorways or windows.

Kids Curtains
The curtains in your child’s room should reflect your child’s personality, not just your own.

Curtain Hardware
You are going to need more than magic to hang up your curtain.

Sheer Curtains
Sheer curtains cover up your windows nicely while still allowing light through.

Silk Curtains
There’s no window treatment like the silk window treatment.

Tab Curtains
When you use tab curtains, you eliminate the need of any sort of special hooks or rings to hang your curtains.

Insulated Curtains
With electricity costs as high as they are, you want to do anything and everything in your power to lower them again.

Room Darkening Curtains
Many people have trouble sleeping in a semi lit room, and on a sunny day, it gets even worse.

Tailored Curtains
These up to date, ready made tailored curtains will help you achieve a decorator look in your home.

Doorway Curtain
When you need the privacy of less visibility, but prefer to be able to hear what is going on in the next room, a doorway curtain comes in handy!

French Lace Curtains
If you are searching for a delicately gorgeous way to dress the windows in your home, these French lace curtains are a valuable choice!

Curtain Tassels
Find the best curtain tassels to match your household décor and curtains!

Nylon Curtains
For a thinner option when it comes to window coverings, nylon curtains work quite well.

The Best Curtains
Choose the best curtains for your household décor!

Curtain Panels
Curtain panels can really make any great window look even better.

Lace Curtains
Lace is a wonderful window treatment.

Ready Made Curtains
If only everything in life were as easy as ready made curtains.

Thermal Curtains
Windows can be the most beautiful feature of a home, but sometimes they are the least cost-efficient, too.

Panel Curtains
If your window could talk, it would tell you that it wanted a new window treatment – it does not want to be so outdated.

Beaded Curtain
Perhaps when you think of a beaded curtain, you think of the 1970’s and a groovy kind of love.

Curtain Rings
Perhaps curtain rings are not quite as glamorous as, say, a diamond engagement ring, but you are much likely to lose them.

Door Curtain
A door curtain offers the privacy of a door, but the freedom of an open doorway.

Toile Curtains
If you don’t know what toile is, you need a quick lesson.

Net Curtains
Net curtains are an elegant way to soften a window and the light that comes through it while still allowing light to come through.

White Curtains
There are few things in the world that do not look good with basic white.

Café Curtains
Nothing is more quaint and comfortable than sitting in a small café in a small town and sipping coffee and eating a big breakfast and looking out the window.

Curtain Track
Why not eliminate the look of the curtain rod completely when shopping for curtains and just get a curtain track?

Kitchen Curtains
When you are in your kitchen, you may mainly be concentrating on food, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have great kitchen curtains.

Bamboo curtain
Bamboo may not grow so well in most places in the United States, but that does not mean that we cannot appreciate the beauty of bamboo here.

Curtain Pole
So, it is most definitely not recommended that you use one of our curtain poles to do the pole vault (in fact, it is highly warned against), but our curtain poles are strong enough to hold up the weight of a curtain.

Lined Curtains
Lined curtains have a longer life than an unlined curtains – the lining protects the face fabric from sunlight.

Decorative Curtain Rods
Decorative curtain rods, for beauty in the hanging.

Kitchen Window Curtains
Kitchen window curtains are an important thing to have!

Bathroom Window Curtains
Bathroom window curtains are a must to keep the privacy!

Window Sheers
Window sheers give elegance and sophistication to a room.

Linen Curtains
Linen curtains are beautiful and lightweight!

Eyelet Curtains
Eyelet curtains, delicately beautiful.

Pleated Curtains
Pleated curtains, simple elegance.

Curtain Linings
Browse through our several types of curtain linings, whether for floor length or typical window length.

Winnie The Pooh Curtains
For a silly ‘ol bear, you cannot get any better than these Winnie the pooh curtains!

Wrought Iron Curtain Rods
Place wrought iron curtain rods in a room for style, elegance and timeless fashion.

Curtain Holdbacks
If like the curtains to be open and simply valanced around the window frame, curtain holdbacks are quite handy!

Scarf Curtains
Our scarf curtains provide a wonderful way to add a unique look to the windows in your home.

Curtain Styles
Looking for the best curtain styles for your home?

Stripe Curtains
In the true style of window fashion, these stripe curtains have made a great splash!

Ruffled Curtains
Go with a new, elegant style for your windows!

Beaded Door Curtains
Put up beaded door curtains in the frame of your bedroom door, kitchen, study or anywhere else that could use a semi privacy block, combined with ultimate style.

Chenille Curtains
We carry several colors and sizes of chenille curtains.



Silk Drapery
Silk drapery is beautiful and elegant on the windows of a regal room.

Although “drapes” may sound like a rather drab word and even drabber window covering, our drapes are far from it.

Window treatments are not simply for covering up your window.

Drape your windows in finery with our draperies.

Drapery Fabric
The drapery fabric is likely the most important aspect of your drapery.

Drape Rod
Use a drape rod above your window to place drapes, curtains, curtain scarves, and much more.

Double Drapery Rod
Using a double drapery rod can be quite helpful and beautiful in a home!

Drapery Cleaning Supplies
Regularly cleaning your drapery and curtains is a good idea, both because of dust build up, and for the longevity of your window coverings.

Grommet Drapes
Detailed with oversized grommet holes, our grommet drapes slide easily along any window rod.

Drapery Tiebacks
Whether you want to let the light shine in, situate your drapes in a more aesthetically impressive style, or simply need the versatility in your window treatments, our drapery tiebacks come in handy quite often.

Drapery Treatment
With so many drapery treatment choices available, you are sure to find the perfect match for your household décor!

Drapery Swags
We are here to provide you with the most fashionable and dependable window coverings!

Pinch Pleat Drapery
Pinch pleated draperies are a popular treatment for windows because they open to let in light, and close for privacy.

Wooden Drapery Rods
Our wooden drapery rods bring grace and natural beauty to any room and set of curtains.

Motorized Drapes
Use motorized drapes in any room of the house, for better versatility and convenience.

Commercial Draperies
We offer sturdy, commercial draperies for hotel owners, contractors, home builders, and other individuals who want a dependable option for window coverings.

Velvet Drapes
Velvet drapes are the perfect luxury for your home.

Window Draperies
It is well known among interior decorators that the right window draperies can really make the room.

Drapery Treatments
Drapery treatments give a custom fit and use to your window.

Pleated Draperies
Pleated Draperies, for a neat and pressed appeal.

Custom Drapes
Custom drapes to match your window frame perfectly.

Silk Draperies
Silk draperies are a beautiful window treatment choice.

Lined Drapes
Lined drapes, simple and yet impressive.

Blackout Drapes
Blackout drapes to keep city and sun light out of your home.

Taffeta Drapes
Enjoy the quality and beautiful design displayed in all of our taffeta drapes.

Velvet Drapes
Use velvet drapes in the living room, bedroom, nursery, or any other room of the house that could use a touch of elegance!



Wooden Blinds
Wooden blinds, beautiful and functional at the same time.

Bamboo Blinds
Bamboo blinds give a refreshing and natural feel to any room.

Cheap Blinds
Cheap blinds, for those of us on a budget!

Blinds are one of the simplest and common window coverings out there.

Window Blinds
Sometimes you just want to keep it simple.

Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds are one of the most classic forms of window coverings out there.

Vertical Blinds
Our vertical blinds are made from materials such as aluminum, reinforced fabric, and vinyl.

Roman Blinds
Roman blinds are such a clean and tidy look for any window in your home.

Metal Blinds
Choose from a large variety of colors, slat sizes, and outline measurements of metal blinds listed in our collection.

Skylight Blinds
If you have a skylight in your home, you will probably find need of skylight blinds, to control lighting and glare during certain times of the day.

Solar Blinds
With solar blinds in your home, you can lower temperature and manage glare, while maintaining the view.

Arch Blinds
Made with excellent quality and style!

Silhouette Blinds
Combining the transparency of a voile with the shading and decorative qualities of a Venetian, as well as the simple operation of a roller blind—silhouette blinds are an entirely new decorative window furnishing!

Wholesale Blinds
If you need to order a large amount of window blinds for an office, business, or several homes, we offer wholesale blinds at wonderful prices.

Fabric Vertical Blinds
Use fabric vertical blinds in your home to easily control glare and light that comes into your home.

Remote Control Blinds
The convenience of these remote control blinds goes a long way, especially in homes for the elderly and handicapped.

Sheer Blinds
Find the sheer blinds that fit the windows in your home!

French Door Blinds
Use French door blinds in your household for elegance as well as convenience.

Kitchen Blinds
If you want to maintain privacy and light control in the kitchen, these kitchen blinds are an inexpensive and convenient option.

Wood Venetian Blinds
For one of the best choices in window and home fashion, these wood Venetian blinds are top quality and absolutely gorgeous on any window!

Aluminum Mini Blinds
Enjoy the convenience and simplicity of having aluminum mini blinds on your window!

Cheap Mini Blinds
For an inexpensive choice, these cheap mini blinds are the best window covering!

Cheap Venetian Blinds
No one will ever guess how little you paid for these gorgeous, yet cheap Venetian blinds!

Commercial Blinds
We offer quality deals on commercial blinds for large orders.

Discount Mini Blinds
You will love our great deals on discount mini blinds!

Vertical Wood Blinds
For a gorgeous style in your home, these vertical wood blinds are a popular choice.

Wooden Window Blinds
There is a certain natural beauty and graceful aura to wooden furniture and accessories.

Cheap Vertical Blinds
Maintain your budget while still keeping the house in shape, with these cheap vertical blinds.

Micro Blinds
Our micro blinds offer a sleek, elegant look to any room.

Motorized Vertical Blinds
We have motorized vertical blinds developed to help you in any room.

Motorized Window Blinds
Use motorized window blinds in any room of the house, for convenience and assistance when you have limited mobility.

Sheer Vertical Blinds
Find sheer vertical blinds that look great in your home!

Wood Mini Blinds
These wood mini blinds are high quality and look great in any room of the home.

Black Mini Blinds
Our black mini blinds are stylish and great for your room!

Blinds For Less
With our wide variety and reputation, you can expect that we sell blinds for less!

The Best Blinds
Here you will find the best blinds for quality and function.

Roller Blinds
When choosing a roller blind, you want to be sure to choose just the right fabric.

Wood Blinds
Wood blinds look excellent in offices or studies.

Velux Blinds
Velux blinds, perfect for velux windows and ceilings.

Outdoor Blinds
Outdoor blinds to cover your windows.

Mini Blind
Mini blind, the modern answer to convenience.

Blackout Blinds
Blackout blinds, for night any time of day.

Door Blinds
Door blinds, for French and sliding glass doors.

Vinyl Mini Blinds
Our vinyl mini blinds are made with care by the top manufacturers in the industry.

Motorized Blinds
We carry motorized blinds for ease of use and convenience.

PVC Blinds
Growing in popularity, PVC blinds are especially resilient as they are heat, moisture and warp resistant.

Plantation Blinds
Enjoy the beauty of our plantation blinds, one of the most classic window coverings available.

Sun Blinds
Choose the right type of window covering for your needs!

Metal Blinds
Choose from a large variety of colors, slat sizes, and outline measurements of metal blinds listed in our collection.

Skylight Blinds
If you have a skylight in your home, you will probably find need of skylight blinds, to control lighting and glare during certain times of the day.

Solar Blinds
With solar blinds in your home, you can lower temperature and manage glare, while maintaining the view.

Faux Wood Blinds
When you are setting up a household, choosing interior décor and so on, it is helpful to find great deals and inexpensive products that are still high value and aesthetically pleasing.

budget shades & blinds
Go with the reputation and value you can trust!

Hunter Douglas Blinds
You are sure to enjoy these top notch Hunter Douglas blinds.

Bali Blinds
From a brand name you can trust, we offer Bali blinds to complement your home.

Levolor Blinds
Bring a beautiful array of light into your home with the quality Levolor curtains offered on our site.


Roller Shades
Roller shades, simple and economical.

Roman Shades
Roman shades come in a variety of fabrics.

Window Shades
Window shades come in a variety of colors and styles, but they all do one thing – cover up your windows with ease.

Woven Shades
For that natural, stylish look in your home, these woven shades are extremely attractive.

Skylight Shades
If you need to control the amount and intensity of light which comes through your skylight, our skylight shades are a convenient and beautiful window covering choice!

Fabric Roman Shades
As a beautiful and elegant window covering, there are few choices as perfect as these fabric roman shades!

Outdoor Window Shades
Enhancing household décor as well as keeping out the intense heat of a sunny day, our outdoor window shades are made with quality and care.

Paper Window Shades
For temporary use in a home, paper window shades will give you privacy and allow you control the amount of light that comes in through the windows.

Window Sun Shade
There are several reasons why people who care about their home, like to keep the sunlight to a minimum.

Custom Window Shades
It is important to have the right window treatments for the right window!

Insulated Window Shades
A great idea for saving on heating and air conditioning bills, having insulated window shades on all the windows in your home will make a huge difference!

Temporary Window Shades
We have temporary window shades for all your temporary needs!

Drape Shade
A drape shade brings a clean, stylish feel to any room.

Flat Roman Shades
Flat roman shades have a simple design with no horizontal seams or stitching.

Window Shadings
Our window shadings will help you keep the sunlight rays to a low penetration throughout your household, all year long.

Bamboo Window Shade
If you like a refreshing, modern yet naturally beautiful décor in your household, a bamboo window shade is certainly a good idea!

Cell Shades
You will experience maximum efficiency with cell shades in two ways.

Darkening Window Shades
For those of us who cannot sleep with light in the room, darkening window shades become a huge blessing!

Shades And Blinds
For the sake of privacy and safety, it is important to have shades and blinds, one or the other, on all windows in your home.

Roman Window Shades
There is both fashion and utility packed into our Roman window shades for the household.

Honeycomb Shades
Our variety honeycomb shades include sheer, semi sheer, semi opaque and other fabrics that give you control over the amount of light that comes into your home.

Pleated Shades
Use our pleated shades for fashion and function, when it comes to any room in the house!

Cellular Shades
Stay cool in summer and warm in winter with insulating cellular shades.



Wood Shutters
Wood shutters are stylish and whimsical.

Vinyl Shutters
Vinyl shutters that give windows an added dimension.

Interior Shutters
Interior shutters, fashionable and functional!

Shutters can offer your home a bit of cottage charm.

A louver is an opening with horizontal slats that permit the passage of air and light, but keeps out rain.

Shutter Hinges
Sometimes people use shutters on either side of their windows for fashion and enhanced aesthetics, but we have shutter hinges for those who want to use them as window coverings!

Interior Wood Shutters
Find interior wood shutters that match the style, appearance and colors in your household décor.

Louvered Shutters
Most of our louvered shutters come with the standard arched top and center rail.

Shutter Blinds
You will love the heavy duty quality and practicality of having shutter blinds in your home!

Vertical Window Blinds
Place vertical window blinds throughout your house for privacy, light control and temperature regulation.

Faux Wood Shutters
If you are looking for a beautiful way to cover your windows, whether exterior or interior, consider these top quality faux wood shutters!

Indoor Window Shutters
Choices abound when it comes to window treatments.

Plastic Shutters
Durable and weather resistant, plastic shutters are a good choice for window coverings.

Window Panels
You can frame your window with any window panel, if your so choose to.

Window Shutters
Window shutters do just that – they shut… or they open.

Plantation Shutters
Some may say that plantation shutters are the ultimate window covering, and few are silly enough to disagree with them.

Window Louvers
Although many people may not recognize the word “louver” as a window slat, most people do recognize the beauty of window louvers as a window treatment.

Exterior Shutters
Have you ever noticed the difference between a home without exterior shutters and one with them?

Window Shutter
Window Shutter, whimsical, functional and fashionable!

Wooden Shutters
Wooden shutters, great for exterior and interior designing.

Panel Shutters
Use panel shutters on the outside of your home for an added affect of home quality and comfort.

Colonial Shutters
We have colonial shutters for you home!

Aluminum Shutters
Our aluminum shutters are top quality and easy to use.

Shutter Hinges
Sometimes people use shutters on either side of their windows for fashion and enhanced aesthetics, but we have shutter hinges for those who want to use them as window coverings!

House Shutters
For that quaint, cottage look, or even added sophistication to a large household, house shutters make excellent window treatments on both the out and inside!

Custom Shutters
Find the right custom shutters to fit the measurements of your window frame.

Roll Shutters
Roll shutters are a European development, proving themselves in many circumstances public and private to be one of the most secure window treatments for noise reduction, window protection, storm protection, insulation and sun control.

Exterior Window Shutters
Place exterior window shutters on your home for added style and aesthetic appearance.


Home Decor:

Home Decor Ideas
Home décor ideas include a variety of simple changes that make a drastic difference!

Paint can be nice on your walls, but it is so plain. Sometimes your walls need that extra delicate design.

A room can be beautiful, but if you don’t have the proper lighting, nobody will be able to see its beauty.

Yes, we have rugs that can do that, but we also have rugs that are so beautiful, you won’t mind using them to cover up beautiful floors, as well!

Home Decor
You will probably be in your home for a great deal of your life.

Yes, mirrors are great for checking yourself out and fixing up your makeup, but they can also really open up a room.

Home Accents
Our window accents do not just cover-up your window.

Interior Design Accessories
You know that when you get dressed up to go out for the evening, you pay attention to which accessories you wear.

Home Decorating Accessories
You may have thought that you would be finished with your home décor after you found the perfect couch, chair, and coffee table.

Interior Decorating Accessories
You made sure that you had the perfect accessory to go with your favorite outfit, why not make sure that you have the perfect accessories to go with your home, as well?

Wall Coverings
There are many different ways to cover up your walls these days – there are many sorts of wall coverings.

Bedroom Decorating Accessories
You spend a lot of time in your bedroom.

Living Room Decorating Accessories
No living room is complete without living room decorating accessories.

Kitchen Décor
Things that you need in your kitchen include appliance, a sink, dishes, pans, silverware, and kitchen décor.

Bedroom Decor
Keep your bedroom looking sharp (or drowsy, whichever you prefer) with our bedroom décor.

Living Room Decor
A living room is the perfect place to entertain guests – if you have the perfect living room décor.

Bathroom Decor
When it comes to decorating, bathrooms are often the most neglected room of the house.

Floor Coverings
It can be quite a dilemma to decide which floor coverings will look best in your house.

Sliding Panel System
Perfect for windows, doors, closet organizer or room divider. Available in ready-made or custom fabrics and textures.

Pre-made Panel System for Windows, Doors and more
If you can't wait for a custom system, go with the ready-made sliding panel system. It's available in antique gold and white and goes with most anything.

Custom Sliding Panel System
This custom sliding panel system is worth the wait! Fabulous fabrics and textures that illuminate the entire room. Used for windows, doors, closets and as a room divider.

Measuring for the Sliding Panel System
It's important to know where you want you panels to start and end. Use these diagrams and description, so you can do it yourself. Or call and ask for an installer to do it for you.

House Decor
You’ve finally found that perfect house, now you only need to decide how to decorate it.

Interior Decor
Why skimp on your interior décor?

Kitchen Decorating Accessories
Whether you are in your kitchen making dinner, snacking, eating, or chatting with friends, you want your kitchen to look lovely, to reflect who you are and your habits.

Book Ends
If you have books, you ought to have a book shelf, and you ought to have book ends.

Framed Prints
Our framed prints look just as beautiful as the original picture or painting did.

Window Planter
If you are looking for a fun way to decorate the household, a window planter is a beautiful idea!



Window Hardware and Accessories:

Window Curtain Rod
Window curtain rod, in a variety of sizes and colors.

Window Cornice
Window cornice adds dimension and drama to a room.

Home Accessories
Home accessories can really add that much needed flair to a room.

According to the dictionary, a valance is an ornamental drapery hung across the top edge of a window or bed, etc.

Curtain Rods
A curtain rod can be much more than just a rod.

Window Film
We know about the damaging affects that the sun can have on our skin, that’s why we wear sunblock.

Window Hardware
Whether you’ve broken them, lost them, or if your window never had them, you’re going to need new window hardware.

Finials are normally vertically mounted spikes attached to the top of a building or structure.

A cornice is the set of projecting moldings that crown an entablature, in classical architecture.

Drapery Hardware
Now that you’ve found the right drapery to hang in front of your window, you just need to find the right drapery hardware.

Drapery Rods
What are you waiting for? That drapery is not going to just hang itself!

Window Valances
Our window valances are made from many different things – wood, fabric covered, or garlands.

Swing Arm Curtain Rods
Using swing arm curtain rods is quite handy when it comes to French doors, small windows, bathrooms, windows on doors, narrow side windows by doors, and so on.

Window Finials
Window finials are a gorgeous decoration on the end of a curtain rod, mainly for decoration and sophisticated style.

Metal Curtain Rods
These metal curtain rods are great for any room.

Traverse Curtain Rod
We offer many types of traverse curtain rod, in wrought iron, cast stone, wood, bamboo, chrome and more.

Brass Curtain Rods
Our brass curtain rods are available in several lengths and thicknesses to meet the needs of all windows in your household!

Extra Long Curtain Rods
We offer a wide selection of extra long curtain rods for wider windows in your home.

Metal Curtain Poles
Every window gains a new character and style with one of our metal curtain poles installed above it.

Shaped Valance
If you are looking for new, out of the ordinary ways to cover your windows, consider our shaped valance collection.

Window Topper
Find the window topper that is best for your household!

Cafe Curtain Rods
If you are looking for lightweight, stylish and timeless elegance, these café curtain rods are a wonderful choice!

Adjustable Curtain Rods
You will love the versatility of our adjustable curtain rods.

Cable Curtain Rod

Bring the sleek look of European-styled curtain hardware to the window with our cable curtain rod.

Tailored Valances
If you are looking for creative, personalized choices for window coverings, our tailored valances are a great choice.

Window Accessories
Yes, your window may have a beautiful view from it… or it may not.

Window Stickers
Our window stickers are great for any window – car window, home window, or business window.

Curtain Poles
What is a curtain without a curtain pole?

Window Scarf
A window scarf is a great way to decorate your window.

Window Toppers
Everyone knows that the best part of an ice cream sundae is the cherry top.

Window Arch
The arch is a very popular style throughout architecture.

Curtain Rod Hardware
Curtain rod hardware to help you set it all up.

Curtain Finials
Curtain Finials, the decorative touch to a window treatment.

Curved Curtain Rod
Curved curtain rod, great for corner windows.

Candle Sticks
Candle sticks, for candle lit dinners and aesthetic elegance in the dining room.

Double Curtain Rod
Double curtain rod, top quality and fashion.

Iron Curtain Rods
Iron curtain rods, rustic yet elegant.

Swag Valance
Use a swag valance for any window in the house, whether in addition to blinds or a curtain, or by itself.

Tension Curtain Rod
The great thing about a tension curtain rod is that you do not have install any brackets or drill holes in the wall.

Corner Curtain Rods
If you have a corner window in your office or home, we have corner curtain rods to make the window covering much easier!

Finial Rod
A finial rod is an elegant choice for hanging curtains in any room.

Curtain Rod Finials
Find the curtain rod finials that match your curtain and room décor!

Long Curtain Rods
We offer long curtain rods for wider window panes and frames.

Window Flag
Place a window flag in your room to display your pride in the country, support of an organization, or your interest and hobbies.

Swag Holders
Watch as your window becomes an impressive, dramatic display with the use of swag holders!

Cornice Board
Choose a cornice board to deck the top of your window in elegance and style.

Magnetic Curtain Rods
Use magnetic curtain rods in places where you do not want to drill holes, where the window treatment will have to be moved soon or regularly, and in any situation where you want to try something out of the ordinary!

Curtain Tension Rods
Work well with lightweight, shirr-on curtains.

Curtain Rod Brackets
If you are setting up a new curtain rod and set of curtains in your home, these easy to use curtain rod brackets are the perfect choice for simple installation and weight bearing quality.

Wooden Curtain Rods
Many people appreciate the quality and aesthetic appeal of our wooden curtain rods, for function and fashion purposes.

Horizontal Blinds
Most homes have horizontal blinds, because they are easy to close, roll up, and let back down.

Wood Curtain Rods
Depending on the color of your curtains and the design of the room, wood curtain rods are an excellent choice for style and simplicity.


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